The natural process of teething usually starts by 6-7 months of age. This time is very sensitive in infant when lot of other developmental changes are happening namely:-
Gross motor development
Weaning simultaneously
Firstly, teething is about to start hence pain and itching over the gums is there. So infant remain cranky most of the times and constantly put hands and toys in mouth which are not necessarily hygienic hence they are prone to acquire infection.
Secondly, in gross motor development, infant is about to crawl, creep and trying to sit better, hence will require extra energy and nutrients, so more prone to acquire new infection as they are exploring new area.
Thirdly, due to oral and gross motor development, an infant requires extra energy which is in addition to breast milk called as complementary food/ weaning food. The weaning food itself can be a source of infection.
From above points we can conclude that the susceptibility to infection is increased at 6-7 months of age and symptoms of such infections are:-
Loose motions, vomiting
Cough cold
Now the questions arise:
1 What can be done to prevent it?
2 Will tablet dentonic work?
3 What will be the impact on future health and weight?
4 If child is going to get exposed to infection, what can be done to improve the immunity?
Let’s see solution one by one:-
1 What can be done to prevent it?
Ans: It’s a natural process to have teething, so one cannot do anything to prevent it.
2 Will tablet dentonic work?
Ans: Have we ever taken anything till now to grow older? Answer is No, since it is the natural process. Similarly, teething is natural process, nothing is required to sooth it. Infact, even tablet dentonic which contains 98% of calcium substitute doesn’t work. Your baby might be already on vitamin D or calcium supplements so additional calcium is not required. Secondly most distressing situation while teething is pain. Dentonic being just calcium supplement is anyways can’t reduce pain.
3 What will be the impact on future health and weight?
Ans: Natural process of teething usually doesn’t have any impact on health. In case if infection occurs, transient weight loss may happen but child regains it once infection settles.
4 If child is going to get exposed to infection, what can be done to improve the immunity?
Ans: Till 6 months of age child is usually protected by acquiring immunity from breast milk. Now with other developmental changes in body, immune system is also learning from exposure. Isn’t it fitting in scenario? Nature is great scientist, who has programmed human body in such a way that no external force is required for growth. All above factors exposes to infection but at the same time internal immune system is learning from these exposure and protect child from these infections in later life.

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