PARENT: Sir my child feels warm, not eating well, looks dull, though when body temperature is normal child behaves normally. What is this?
DOCTOR: Your child seems to be having #FEVER. Whenever you feel child being warm, check#temperature by digital thermometer. Oral temperature more than 99.5°F/37.5°C is considered as fever. Warm body DOESN’T ALWAYS signify that it’s fever. It’s always advisable to check temperature.

PARENT: Why does the child have fever? Is it worrisome?
DOCTOR: Actually fever is protective mechanism of our body to fight against microorganisms (viruses, bacterias, parasites) that have entered in our body. So it’s not worrisome unless it’s too high grade, or child has convulsions, anything other symptoms along with fever. But controlling it is necessary to have child in normal sense.

PARENT: So what should I do when the child is having fever?
1 Do not panic, measure temperature, inform your physician about symptoms of child. Give paracetamol as per dose advised by your Pediatrician.
2 Do tepid sponging or bathing with lukewarm water till temperature goes down.
3 Keep child hydrated, constantly keep giving either/or plain water, lemon juice, coconut water, ORS, fruit juice (prepared at home and give pulpy), vegetable soups.
4 Once fever is down child should feel normal and hungry too, give routine food what child likes most to make up higher calorie requirements during febrile phase.

PARENT: Sounds so simple. So since it’s protective mechanism and so easy to manage, I need not bother my doctor much often, right? Is there anything I should look for?
DOCTOR: Yes it’s that simple to manage. Of course you need to be watchful for some RED FLAG SIGNS, if occurs see your Pediatrician immediately:
1 constant high grade fever not responding even after 30-35mins of paracetamol,
2 oral intake is decreased to more than 50% of regular intake,
3 urine output is decreased,
4 child is not active, remains dull or excessively irritable even when there is no fever,
5 breathing difficulty when there is no fever,
6 convulsions (abnormal bodily movements/ fits)
7 any new symptoms starts except fever.

PARENT: Thanks doctor for such simplified elaborative explanation on fever. Still if I have doubts how shall I get in touch with you?
DOCTOR: Get in touch with #drmaulikshah,#vatsalyachildsclinic by commenting your doubts below, your queries shall get cleared by Dr Maulik Shah as soon as possible.

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