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Frequently Asked Questions

When child is having loose motions, shall milk be avoided?

After two to three days of loose motions the child’s capacity to digest milk gets reduced. So no point of stopping milk immediately once the child start having loose motions. Secondly if probiotics are started by pediatrician/physician, it is not absolutely necessary to stop milk, may avoid if possible.

Is it necessary to avoid bathing when child is suffering from fever?

Please get the concept clear. Fever most of the times is because of infection in the body. Bathing is no way related to infection. Bathing is hygienic practice to stay away from infection. Secondly the best treatment for fever is sponging with wet cloth, a type of bathing. So no point of withholding bathing while child is having fever.

Can child having Acute Tonsillitis consume milk?

Yes, there is no contraindication for milk

How helpful is gripe water, bal kadu, janam gutti, somva34, etc. in newborns and infants?

The myth is not always true. Gripe water is so called to decrease colicy episodes. The physiology of colic is such that it is natural to happen, nothing can get above it completely, studies have showed it to cause constipation in some babies. Non of this products have underwent trials before releasing in to market, which other allopathic medicines have been through. Rest of products too can carry infection to baby, whereas just exclusive breast fed babies doesn’t have that risk and giving those products we increase the risk to acquire those infections.

Can child consume banana when he/she is having cough, cold?

Cough cold is most of the time because of infection in upper and/or lower respiratory tract, and most of the fruits has antioxidants in it, which helps body to fight against infection. Banana is no exception, it contains high level of dopamine, catechins strong antioxidants which helps in fighting with free radicals which damages the body. Bottom line is all fruits can be consumed in any kind of infection, unless told to avoid by physician, still can confirm with physician.

-How to decrease the mobile addiction of kids?

Simplest thing is to be a good role model. You leave it when off work and get involved with kids conversation and outdoor gaming. Further strategies needs to be individualized.

-What to do to improve child’s immunity?

Immunity development is natural process, just like body growth, mental development, etc. We don’t do anything special for these things, similarly, nothing is needed to be done to build up or strengthen the immunity. Rarely need us to do boost it, but there are specific indications to do so and methods to do too.

-Is repeated use of antibiotics harmful?

It is dangerous for society for creating antibiotic resistance in environment, and also carries more side effect profile compared to other medicines. Overuse of anything is harmful, but all said and done, when needed it needs to be given, even if it becomes frequent for any child due to whatever reason (bacterial infection), has to be given.

-How beneficial are the health drinks for school going kids? If good then which one would be the best?

Frankly speaking if kid is consuming good diet no need of any health drink or formula to be added in milk. I personally don’t recommend unless in some specific settings. Still if you wish to give and spend money unnecessarily, all products available in market are equally good, can give any.

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