MR (measles and rubella) Vaccine Campaign

Lots talked and heard about. Massive cleanup drive by MOHFW (Ministry of health and family welfare) joined hands with WHO (World Health Organization) to ELIMINATE MEASLES AND CONTROL RUBELLA. I would explain this massive event from 3 different perspectives.

Government’s perspective :The current drive is projected to cover 30lacs children all over Mumbai from AGE GROUP OF 9 MONTHS TO 15 YEARS are supposed to be immunized. This drive is through Govt exclusively and no private doctors are involved from the point of view to have statistical data at the end of immunization drive. Govt needs atleast 95% coverage to achieve the Vision of ELIMINATE MEASLES AND CONTROL RUBELLA as this coverage will ensure HERD IMMUNITY. This will decrease the disease burden to massive extent as India is contributing 20% measles cases globally.

Children perspective:The protection they will have out of it is beyond the limit of this discussion to explain. Post measles PNEUMONIA, SSPE (TYPE OF BRAIN DISEASE WHERE DEATH IS CERTAIN), AOM (MIDDLE EAR INFECTION WHICH CAN CAUSE BRAIN INFECTION EASILY), DIARRHOEA are just enumeration of complications the children are protected if vaccinated. CONGENITAL RUBELLA SYNDROME (CRS) is the disease the baby suffers if female acquire infection during pregnancy (90% baby suffers if mother acquires rubella during first 3 months of pregnancy, 10% if acquired during second 3 months, increased probability of stillborns). These days lots of medical insurance for dengue is available from many insurance companies, you can take this as FREE LIFELONG MEDICAL INSURANCE AGAINST MEASLES AND RUBELLA. What they can suffer out of it is needless question against the benefits offered but still i would enumerate for understanding and relieving anxiety if occurs; mild pain, injection site redness, mild fever, minimal rash over the body; this too not seen with all receiving vaccine. So ultimately most SAFE AND EFFECTIVE HEALTH INSURANCE for children.

Parental Anxiety perspective: Lots of question regarding this drive are roaming in parents mind, infact most difficult perspective for us to counsel. Most of parents are worried of age old myth of this vaccine causing autism which is not true, one can put the comment below, i shall send them the evidence of this vaccine NOT ASSOCIATED WITH AUTISM.
From 27th November onwards, get your child in specified age group vaccinated either at school, or nearby anganwadi dispensary.

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