Modern evil in children’s life.

Screen time or sedentary time is modern days evil in children’s life. I always advocated keeping screentime under close vigilance especially for children less than 5 years of age. Especially in current scenario when summer vacations have started, exams are over and majority of start-ups are boosting their career in softwares and mobile applications which are really intuitive. It is becoming more and more addictive to have screen as solution for feeding child, settling tantrums, keep them calm and not interfering with our routine practices and keeping them occupied from bothering us to engage them in fruitful activity. As I have always recommended (many of my parents would acknowledge it) click me FB link to limit screentime to max 1 hr for toddlers and young children from 2-5 years of age and zero screentime for kids less than 2 years of age, WHO (World Health Organization) has now proposed the GUIDELINES for same. The link to download and READ and APPLY the guidelines is provided me

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