How to treat Gassy/ Colicky Baby? Simplified by Dr Maulik Shah.

All organs of newborn and infant are in developing stage and so is gastrointestinal system and nervous system. In adults there is highly advanced and complex mechanism of peristalsis occur to move food bolus from stomach to small intestine and then to large intestine along with process of digestion. During infancy since the neurological and gastrointestinal development is not complete the peristalsis is not very well established. The intestinal contractions and relaxations happen haphazardly when infant feeds, leading to crampy pain sometimes simply called as colic. Though gas formation is normal process, sometimes it becomes excessive which can also lead to colicky situation. Dr Maulik Shah would like to answer your queries about gas and colic issues of babies in his Live QnA session on Babychakra mobile application on 8th January 2018, Tuesday, afternoon 2-3pm. The recording will be available on YouTube later on. In YouTube search option put Dr Maulik Shah, BabyChakra and you will be able to view all videos at later date. The link will be mentioned in comment section below once it is live on YouTube.

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