How to take care of newborn skin? Ask Dr Maulik Shah

Newborn skin is quit immature and sensitive. It lacks keratin’s protective cover over it. Keratin is dead tissue which covers viable skin at exposed part of skin. This tissue is made up of dead cells of skin. In fullterm newborn, it takes 7 days for the keratin to form and in pre-term it may take upto 14 days. So the skin is quite immature at this age which needs extra care. Dr Maulik Shah takes pleasure to announce his Live QnA session on BabyChakra mobile application on 18th December 2018, Tuesday, afternoon 2-3pm. The recording will be available on YouTube later on. In YouTube search option put Dr Maulik Shah, BabyChakra and you will be able to view all videos at later date. The link will be mentioned in comment section below once it is live on YouTube.


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