Frequent loose motions in new-born and infant age

Day 21 old new-born was brought to us with history of frequent watery loose motions and baby strains while passing motions each time. Urine output of the baby was normal; baby was feeding well, exclusively on breast feeding with no other significant history. But weight gain was inadequate. Everything in above case suggests normal behaviour and pattern in new-born except inadequate weight gain. Hence, we suggested follow-up after 7 days and stool routine test; this time too weight gain was meagre, stool routine showed reducing substances positive. Differential diagnoses were CMPA (cow’s milk protein allergy) or primary Lactose intolerance. It’s too rare to have CMPA in exclusively breast fed baby though not impossible. Hence we stopped milk or any dairy products to mother and started with Lactase enzyme drops to baby. During follow-up after 15 days there was adequate weight gain seen, though frequency of motions were still the same. We increased the dose of lactase enzyme and within next 15 days the child had significant decrease in frequency of motions and no passage of gas and even consistency of stool have also improved. DISCUSSION: Lots of normal set-ups in new-borns and infants, but still suspicious eye is always helpful and mandatory. Most of the babies have this as normal pattern, colour varies largely, consistency too varies too much and there is no set frequency. All aberration in motions pattern is considered normal if baby is passing urine well, accepting feeds well and shows adequate weight gain.


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